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6 billion

€ in turnover

With an approximate Turnover of 6 Billion Euros, the XXXLutz Group is one of the largest furniture retailers in the world.

However, we still have a clear goal – continue to improve customer satisfaction!
In order to achieve this goal, our strategy includes four measures:


Continuously follow our strategy for success


Expand and support our professional XXXLutz team


Continue to offer customer-oriented services


Consistently open up new markets beyond the Austrian borders

The crucial factor is to know what people really want.

Therefore, the XXXLutz Group comprises a variety of different brands and companies:

Our Story

The company was found in Haag am Hausruck in 1945.

At first, the focus was on Austrian craftsmanship:

The first product range consisted of hand-painted wooden boxes and traditional, country-style furniture.

In the following decades, the regional furniture shop has gradually turned into one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. The goal was clear: Success through expansion. Lutz became XXXLutz.

This course of action has been marked by success regarding turnover and revenue right from the start.

In 1989, the discount furniture retailer Möbelix opened its doors. In the following year, the XXXLutz Group gained a foothold in Germany.

In order to cater to the market even better, a new store concept was created in 2002. Mömax has stood for style at affordable prices ever since.

In 2003, the group reached market leadership in Austria with €1.25 billion in total turnover.

With more than 370 stores in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Serbia, the XXXLutz Group is now one of the largest furniture retailers in the world.

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Success through advanced logistics

In 2001, our highly efficient logistics centre was established. Fast deliveries to all customers are guaranteed by state-of-the-art IT, effective processing and our combined storage system using both pallets and Corlettes.


Central Warehouses


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Our philosophy

Let’s reach the top with sunshine in our hearts

Reaching a goal together is the basis of our success. We focus on team spirit: The approximate 27,100 employees are the cornerstone of the XXXL Group. One needs to identify with a company 100% in order to give 100%.

Thus, the XXXLutz Group shows respect and loyalty to each and every employee, and is a reliable as well as responsible partner.

Customers first

It is quite simple: If our customers are satisfied, the XXXLutz Group will achieve success. Accordingly, our customers’ wishes are our highest priority.

This is certainly reflected by the excellent price/quality ratio of our product range including all the latest trends. Our comprehensive services contribute to customer satisfaction as well: From the pleasant atmosphere in the XXXLutz stores to the professional recommendations of our team and the use of advanced logistics.

Price, quality, service and expertise – the success speaks for itself. Our dedication is valued by more than 20 million regular costumers in more than 10 European countries.

To the top

In the past three decades, the XXXLutz Group has stood out in the furniture business due to continuous and above-average increase in turnover and revenue. With a turnover of more than €6 billion, the group has become one of the three largest furniture retailers in 2020.

turn over development 1977-2020


We are the digital organizational unit of the XXXLutz Group

We take care of the design and development of the online shops of XXXLutz, Mömax, Möbelix and Lesnina – covering all digital touchpoints. Beyond this, we work towards introducing our stores to the digital world starting from digital price tagging through interactive service terminals to newly developed product purchasing tools.

We are a diverse team consisting of Scrum Master, Software Developer, Product Manager, UX Designer & Expert, Cloud Engineer and many more working together in an agile setting from six different locations.

We excite customers! Within both our stores as well as our online shops, we strive to excite our customers all the way to the checkout and beyond.

You want to help us shape the future? We are currently looking for inspiring colleagues who share our mindset and who would like to join and support us on this great journey!

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Locations: Barcelona, Graz, Koblenz, Vienna, Wels, Würzburg


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