Internationalisation is the key to success

Unconditional customer satisfaction is the basis to increase brand recognition and strengthen our market leadership.
In order to satisfy customers’ wishes in the best and fastest way possible, the XXXLutz Group sets a high value on quality, both outwards and inwards. This concerns the expertise and advisory skills of the XXXLutz team, the long-term collaboration with our suppliers and partners as well as the selection of store locations.


The XXXLutz Group keeps up to date and recognises current trends appealing to specific target groups.


In order to offer customised product ranges we are continuously expanding and improving XXXLutz brands and companies.


Focus on Eastern Europe – by opening up new markets, our position is strengthened. This leads to a crucial competitive advantage.


Despite our great drive for expansion, all stores continue to follow our basic principles including customer satisfaction, first-class quality, excellent services and good prices.


An average of six furniture stores was opened each year by the XXXLutz Group over the last decades. Today the XXXLutz Group operates more than 350 furniture stores in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Serbia and Sweden. The logistics department plays a central role too, supplying all branches from large central warehouses.

Effectiveness of Marketing through long-term planning

The XXXLutz Group has the following philosophy: For marketing to be effective in the long term, it needs to be based on conceptual, durable planning. The concept should not be aimed at short-term projects on the basis of mere promotions. It is essential to do research, make analyses and lay the strategic foundations. Other crucial components are the long-standing trust in suppliers as well as the fair interaction with our employees and the provided support to them.

Employees as the cornerstone of our success

The XXXLutz Group has made it its mission to be a competent and reliable partner to more than 25,700 employees. Remaining true to the guiding principle “Let’s reach the top with sunshine in our hearts”, the XXXLutz family meets challenges with joy. The group’s future is characterised by the shared aim to become the number 1 furniture retailer in the world.

employees development 1977–2020

XXXLutz Group:
More than 25,700 employees!

The XXXLutz Group is a competent partner to more than 25,700 employees. The group is especially proud of the many qualified employees and managers, of which the majority has been hired from within the company.

Trainings Academy

Professional and accurate training programs enable employees to enhance their qualifications. Every employee may participate in training programs fitting to their individual needs. Furthermore, the seminar “First Week” constitutes the basis for all XXXLutz careers. A fundamental component of our corporate structure is to give trainees the chance to show their skills as responsible and reliable employees.

New Store Locations are in line with the market situation

The selection of the right store location relies on thorough research that considers various factors such as sales markets, sales infrastructure, competitors and transport connections.
Securing new store locations is an integral part of our growth strategy.

Using striking advertising to become the best-known brand in the business!

They have been well-known since 1999: The Putz family is intrinsically tied to Austria’s largest furniture retailer as well as its TV and radio advertising. The five members of the advertising family have gradually become the personification of XXXLutz in Austria. Their humorous stories convey a clear message: “Service, selection, range – everything is larger at XXXLutz!”